Savate Defence

 Savate Defence Syllabus & Training Programme

Steve gets slammed..
Steve gets slammed..


I. Striking Techniques — Hands & Arms (percussions des membres suprérieurs):

a) Open Hand Strikes:

01 Palm-heel strike (la musette), direct or angled Targets: Jaw; Forehead; Sternum, etc

02 Open palm slap (la baffe), cupped-hand Targets: Ears (i.e. ear canal); Groin, etc

03 Back of open hand (le revers de baffe) Soft Targets, such as: Groin, Ears & Face

04 Knife- or edge of the hands (le tranchés) Primary Targets: Throat & Neck

05 Web of the hand, between thumb & 1st finger Primary Target: Throat

06 Closed Fingers Spear Hand Primary Target: Throat

07 Open Fingers and Thumb Jabs & Fishhooks Primary Targets: Eyes, Throat & Mouth

08 Half Fist, or Middle Knuckles strike Primary Target: Throat 

Let's go walkies
Let’s go walkies


b) Closed Hand Strikes:

01 Straight Arm Jab & Cross punches (le direct) Targets: Jaw; Nose; Body

02 Hook punches, short & long (le crochet) Targets: Side of the Jaw; Ribs

03 Shovel Hook punches Primary Targets: Floating Ribs

04 Uppercut punches, short & long (l’uppercut) Targets: under the Jaw; Stomach & Ribs

05 Overhead, or angled Cross Primary Target: Sides of the Jaw

06 The Hammer fist (le marteau), direct or angled Targets: Nose; Sides of head; Collar Bones

07 Knuckle raking strike Primary Target: Face

08 Circular fist palm (le coup de poing circulaire) Primary Targets: Ears (i.e. ear canal)

09 Back-fist (le revers de poing) Mainly soft targets, and the Temples

10 The ‘cup & ball’ (le bilboquet) Primary Target: Under the Chin

Will you take this man..?
Will you take this man..?


c) Strikes with the Arms:

01 The circular inner cuff strike, inner forearm ‘clothes-line’, and inner bent elbow lift (la manchette)

02 Elbows (le coup de coude) Very versatile at close range & many angles: Front Diagonal Up, Front Horizontal, Front Diagonal Down, Vertical Up, Front Spear forwards, Back Elbow (various angles and sometimes re-enforced), Downwards Spearing Elbow.

03 Shoulder bump forwards Use at close range to create space for Elbows

04 Shoulder bump upwards Use at close range to strike or lift the chin/jaw

Steve stares in disbelief as Ollie leg-throws Enzo onto the gym floor
Steve stares in disbelief as Ollie leg-throws Enzo onto the gym floor


II. Striking Techniques — Feet & Legs (percussions des membres inférieurs):


a) Thrust Kicks (chassés):

01 Front thrust kick (le chassé frontal) Strike with the heel, or sole, to all targets

02 Side thrust kick (le chassé latéral) Strike with the heel, or sole, to all targets

03 Back-side thrust kick (le chassé arriére) Strike with the heel, or sole, to all targets

04 Back, or Mule kick (le coup de pied de mule) Lean or drop forwards & thrust directly to rear

05 Descending stomp kick (le chassé descendant)


b) Whip Kicks (fouettés):

01 Front Whip, or Snap kick (le fouetté vertical) Primary Target: The groin

02 Lateral Whip, or Round kick (le fouetté latéral) Primarily striking with the point of the shoe

03 Oblique, or Angled Whip kick (le fouetté italien) Primary Target: The groin & Stomach region

04 The Reverse Lateral, or hook kick (le revers)

05 The Short Whip kick (le fouetté court) Close range kick, striking with the shin


c) Sling, Swing, or Pendulum Kicks:

01 Frontal Reverse, or Outside Crescent kick

02 The Obverse or Inside Crescent kick (l’avers)

03 Straight leg vertical lift (coup de pied direct) Primary Target: The groin

04 Back Sling [straight leg version of the Mule] Lean forwards & pendulum kick backwards

05 The Low Strike (le coup de pied bas) Strike with inner edge of shoe to ankle or shin

06 The Axe kick Mainly used against a downed opponent


d) Other Kicks:

01 Low Inside Foot Hack & Shin Scrape Lift Kick

02 Rear lifting vertical heel kick (le coup de talon) Primary Target: The groin

03 Inwards Hook kick Primary Target: Behind knee when standing

04 Outside leg flip-up kick (l’aile de pigeon)


e) Knees (le coup de genou):

01 Front Knee Front Thrust Mid-range strike

02 Front Knee Lift Close-range strike primarily aimed at groin

03 Lateral, or Roundhouse Knee Thrust Can be used to counter hip throw attempt

04 Inside Circle Knee (similar to Muay Thai) Frequently used in a clinch situation

05 Knee Drop Mainly used against a downed opponent


III. Head & neck holds (les colliers)

01 Front collar with head and one arm encircled (collier de face)

02 Side collar with head and one arm encircled (collier de côté)

03 Rear collar with head and one arm encircled (collier de arrière)

04 Full Nelson, or Rear Underhooking Double Arm [with head & neck press]

05 Rear Overhooking Double Arm [with wrist & forehead control]

05 Front Double Underarm [with head under upper arm]


IV. Throws & Takedowns (les projections):

01 Outside rear leg block (petit barré arrière)

02 Leg Reap, outside-to-outside – Judo ref: Osotogari, ‘major outer reap’

03 Hip Throw, with arm around the waist – Judo ref: Ogoshi, ‘major hip throw’

04 Hip Wheel, or ‘Cross Buttock’, head encircled – Judo ref: Koshiguruma, ‘hip wheel’

05 Outer Winding Throw, arm wrapping over arm – Judo ref: Sotomakikomi, ‘outer winding’

06 One Arm Shoulder Throw, or ‘Flying Mare‘ – Judo ref: Seoinage, ‘shoulder throw’

07 One knee drop shoulder throw (epaulé genou à terre) – Judo ref: Drop Seoinage

08 Fireman’s Lift, with one arm between legs – Judo ref: Kataguruma, ‘shoulder wheel’

09 Inside Leg Hook, inside-to-inside – Judo ref: Kouchigake, ‘minor inner hook’

10 Inside Leg Reap (crochet de jambe), outside-to-inside – Judo: Ouchigari, ‘major inner reap’

11 Outside Leg Reap, or Hook, inside-to-outside – Judo ref: Kosotogari, ‘minor outside reap’

12 Arm Cradle & Head Push Through


V. Immobilisations (pins) on the ground (les immobilisations):

01 Top Mount Pin (chevauchement de maintain) Judo: Tateshihogatame

02 Scarf Hold Judo: Kesagatame

03 Shoulder Hold Judo: Katagatame

04 Side Four-Quarters Hold Judo: Yokoshihogatame

05 Upper Four-Quarters Hold Judo: Kamishihogatame


VI. Leg locks (clés de jambe):

Practice off kick attacks.

In set (a) Attacker kicks to the mid-section. Defender moves away from the kick and shields with bent forearm. Defender immediately encircles the leg with their arm, and then trips or unbalances Attacker.

In set (b) Attacker kicks higher, and so Defender blocks and catches from underneath (leg cradled in the crook of the elbow). Defender now twists the leg inwards, so that the Attacker falls face down.

a) Defender now standing, with Attacker is on his/her back, facing up:

01 Standing achilles leg lock (clé de cheville par extension)

02 Opposite arm biceps curl, achilles lock

03 Step through & over the leg, achilles lock

04 Step through & above shoulder, achilles lock

05 Other leg step across body, medial ligament knee lock

06 Single Leg Boston Crab


b) Attacker now facing down:

01 Kneeling step over leg lock (clé de genou par hyper flexion), foot between legs, knee outside

02 Kneeling step over leg lock, knee between the legs, and foot outside

03 Kneeling achilles crush, hands clasped

04 Kneeling ankle lock, arms crossed on chest, or in a figure-four position

05 Lay back, arm encircles leg, achilles and hip lock

06 Lay back, arm encircles entire bent leg, knee crush and hip lock

07 Lay back, outer arm through, ankle lock

08 Combined leg and arm lock


VII Arm locks (clés de bras) on the ground, starting with opponent on his/her back:

01 Nearside straight arm bar over upper leg

02 Nearside straight arm bar over lower leg

03 Nearside straight arm bar between upper & lower leg

04 Nearside bent arm entanglement behind knee of lower leg

05 Double bent arm entanglement [using leg entanglement on nearside, & arm on far side]

06 Across body straight arm bar

07 Across body vee armlock [‘Kimura‘ — opposite position of figure-4 armlock below]

08 Across body figure-4 armlock [hand level with shoulder, elbow pointing down towards feet]

09 Top mount pin with figure-4 arm lock applied (clé de quatra)

10 Top mount pin with goose-neck wrist lock applied (clé de bras tendu)

11 Cross straight armlock (tendu de bras barré) Judo: Jujigatame

12 Kimura from underneath [opponent in your Guard, having escaped from the cross armlock]


VIII Strangulations (etranglements):

01 Rear naked choke (etranglement arrière) Judo: Hadakajime

02 Rear kneeling strangle (etranglement arrière verrouillé) Judo: Same as full Japanese strangle

03 Rear sliding lapel strangle Judo: Okurierijime

04 Rear single wing necklock & strangle Judo: Katahajime

04 Facing guillotine strangle (barré de bras au cou, au sol) Judo: Katajujijime

05 Facing reversed crossed strangle (croissé de revers) Judo: Gyakujujijime


IX Unbalancing (déséquilibres):

01 Rear drag on shoulders, clothing, hair, etc (tiré arrière)

02 Across body, lower body bowl (temps de ramassement)

03 Single leg pick up & body bowl (bloqué de pied)

04 Step on foot and roll body in that direction (enroulé de corps)


X Pressure points (points de pression)


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