White Glove testing Syllabus

Section A – Set moves

Person A
Person B

1. Jumping Chasse using front leg + Revers frontal figure using rear leg + jab /  cross
    Block or avoid kicks then reply with uppercut using rear arm + any other single technique
2. Right cross to head + left jab to head + Revers frontal tournant using rear leg + Coup de Pie Bas
    Avoid being touched by moving backwards, reply with jumping Chasse bas using rear leg + any punch technique
3. Jab to face, cross to body, step off to the side and deliver rear hand uppercut
    Block, counter with rear & front hook combination as you switch leads to deliver fouette bas with the front leg
4. Deliver jumping Revers lateral to head using front leg + Chasse median using rear leg
     Avoid the Revers, parry the Chasse and then reply with lateral Revers tournant bas (legs)
5. Deliver a Chasse lateral tournant bas + Fouette median with the other leg + double right cross + jab to head
    Escape from the Chasse, block the fouette & punches then reply with jab to head + Chasse frontal bas using front leg
6. Deliver a jumping Fouette bas using front leg + sidestep + right hook + Jab to head 
     Avoid Fouette and block all punches then reply with Hook to head using right hand + Revers figure using front leg
7. “Skip” into Coup de pied bas + deliver jumping Fouette median using other leg + Chasse lateral bas with same leg
     Avoid by jumping backwards and changing stance then reply with jumping Fouette to any target using front leg
 8. Deliver a Chasse frontal median using rear leg + jumping fouette using front leg
      Avoid being touched without moving feet then reply with jab to body using left hand
 9. Deliver a jab/cross to head, fouette bas using front leg then fouette to head with other leg
      Block the punches then avoid being touched by the kicks, then reply with chasse lateral to body using front leg + spinning revers lateral to head with other leg
10. Deliver jab to body + fouette bas using front leg
      Parry the punch using forearm, avoid the kick by lifting your leg out of the way then deliver fouette to body using front leg + cross/jab + chasse lateral to body using rear leg


Section B. Themed Assaut. (2 X2.00 min change “role” after 1 min)

eg: Round 1.  A = Any two punch combination.
                      B = Parry or block punches and reply with any two techniques.
      Round 2.  A = Attack using a two kick combination.
                      B = Avoid being touched and reply using any two techniques.


Section C. Free Assaut.(3 X2.00)

     A. Attack and defend under “assaut” conditions.
     B. Attack and defend under “assaut” conditions