Training Update & Restart


Wednesday 3rd January:
Our 2018 training sessions restart with two sessions of Savate, in Queen Emma School Hall, from 7 - 9pm. As this will be our first night back, we invite you all to attend, including youngsters/kids and new adult trainees, for the first session, 7 - 8pm. The second session, from 8 - 9pm, is reserved for intermediate and more advanced Members. Your own gloves and mouthguards, and suitable footwear are a must for this session please!

Thursday 4th January:
We will be training in the Sports Hall at Coleridge Community College. From 7 - 8pm, we will be focusing on empty-hand Self Defence training. From 8 - 9pm, is a Padwork session, where you can get a great workout, as well as actually hit something as hard as you want to! Canne de Combat is also available on Thursday evenings. Either from 7 - 8pm, or for the full two hours.

Monday 8th January:
We will be training in the Sports Hall at St. Bede's: Adult Savate training from 6.30 - 8pm. Please note that Youngsters / Kids, and new Adult Savate Trainees finish their session at 7.30pm.
*NEW for 2018 on Monday evenings : Savate Defence (self defence training) for all Adults, from 7.30 - 8.30pm.

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