On October 2017, Maul Mornie returned to Cambridge Academy for a two day seminar covering aspects of the Silat Suffian Bela Diri system. Thirty CAMA members and friends attended the seminar. On the first day, Maul focussed on training with the knife for spatial awareness and perception of movement.

Morgan Alexander, an Instructor at the Academy, recently competed in the 2016 Savate Assaut World Championships and Canne de Combat World Championships. Forty countries participated in the championships, which were both held in Varazdin, Croatia.

In Savate Assaut, the objective is to make contact with ones opponent, using a variety of kicks and punches, ideally without the opponent scoring against you. Assaut bouts are judged on demonstrating superior technical skills and ability, including scoring points by making contact.

Cambridge Academy was honoured to host the first Viking Cup, over the weekend of 7th/8th May 2016. Four Viking countries participated in this international event: Finland, Germany, Great Britain and Ireland, including members of nine different clubs. 

On 24th April 2016, Maul Mornie returned to Cambridge Academy to teach knife and kerambit skills. Maul is from Seria, a small town in Brunei, where he began training at 12 years of age, under the guidance of his grandfather and great grandfather. He is now a world-renowned master of Silat Suffian Bela Diri, in constant demand for seminars. 

Cambridge Academy hosted an Open Savate Assaut and Duo competition at St Bede's Sports Hall on Sunday 21st February. The event was open to both novice and experienced fighters, and also included training for new judges.