Frans Stroeven“A fantastic training opportunity for members at all levels of ability.”

Since founding Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts® in 1989 we have tried to provide the finest in multi-cultural and multi-discipline martial arts training possible - a diversity of training opportunities not easily found elsewhere. Over the years we have hosted some of the highest level practitioners for our members to attend training sessions and seminars with.

We now have Frans Stoeven, who conducts seminars all over the world, coming to Cambridge to conduct a stick, knife and empty-hand, Filipino martial arts seminar. I believe that those attending this seminar will be getting the chance to train with an individual who is close to the pinnacle of his art.

 The weekend seminar on Savate Defence and Street Cane planned for the 20th & 21st August CAMA has been postponed. Unfortunately too many people will still be away on holiday.

CAMA Instructor Morgan Alexander had to settle for silver at the Great Britain Savate Championships in London on 17th July.

Congratulations to CAMA Instructor Morgan Alexander who has been selected for the Great Britain Savate Federation team in the European Savate Assaut Championships in Italy in September.

The Academy had the pleasure of hosting another Savate Training & Grading Day for the Great Britain Savate Federation on 26th June 2011.