Continuing her successful year, Morgan Alexander has gained the title of Vice-Champion in the European Savate Assaut Championships in Budapest. Competing for Team GB, she took 2 victories and a draw to win through to the final of the F-70kg category.

Cambridge Academy is proud to announce the return of Rick Faye, of MKG International, for a seminar on 25th October 2014. Rick Faye is currently considered to be one of the top instructors in the JKD & Kali family world wide.

Cambridge Academy is proud to host a Canne de Combat Training Day, featuring the current female World Champion, Sélénia CLAUDIN-MABIRE. Top UK canne fighters will also be taking part. The aim is to introduce this dynamic sport to a much wider audience.

Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts is proud to present Alvin Guinanao to teach a 5 hour seminar, in Silat Buka Lingkaran, on 20th July. 

 If you are into South East Asian arts or want to try something new this seminar is for you.

Ollie applies wrist lock

This was an opportunity too good to miss! On 16th December, Ollie Batts taught a masterclass in stick, knife and empty-hand techniques from a range of arts including Eskrima, JKD-Kali-Silat, Panantukan, Combat Sambo, Hapkido, Savate Defence and more.